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Mission & Vision

Manju Gita Mishra College (MGM) is a unit of MGM Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1980 in Patna, Bihar. MGM is an institution, imparting education in vocational programs, which could help the youth to study in order to build future and provide job opportunities.

MGM College is a place where raw talent are shaped, guided and polished to emerge professionals of repute in the highly competitive world. Our college stress on quality based education supported by our dedicated faculty members and guest lecturer, seminars and workshop.
MGM is running under PRAKHAR (Health and educational institute) registered under section 21, 1860 Reg. No. 1038/10 Govt. of Bihar.

To Play a Leading role in shaping quality of students and spread over Knowledge to expertise them in their educational and professional field.


    • To impart quality education to meet national and global challenges.
    • To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
    • To encourage the faculty to pursue academic excellence through high quality research and publication.
    • To provide access to all sections of society to pursue higher education.
    • To promote the use of new technologies in teaching and research.
    • To inculcate right values among students while encouraging competitiveness.
    • To promote leadership qualities among students.
    • To provide alternative opportunity for the educated unemployed.
    • To develop professionals committed to their personal and professional endeavors carrying the vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage change.
    • To improve the industry practices through research, training and consultancy and hence making a meaningful contribution to socio-economic development of india.
    • To serve as an intellectual resource base in India, maintain standards of excellence in every aspect of operation and become a role model for newly emerging center of quality education globally.