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Training & Placement

MGM continues to look for beyond the routine and so has developed many activity based quality educational programs . Besides covering the entire syllabus effectively, the highly interactive mode of teaching users case studies, group discussion, situation handling, senior –junior interaction, seminar presentation and internship. Student’s direct and active involvement in the training makes them very comfortable in facing the challenges of the corporate life.


Looking into the requirements of corporate, the institute maintains a very strong and close relationship with its future employers in the form of “industry interface”, which is a very regular feature at MGM. This helps trainees to get exposure to work culture, organizational practices and ad in-depth understanding of corporate culture. In order to make learning more enriched, the trainees are expected to make presentations and proper analytical reports based on their observation and data collection.

Workshops are an integral part of learning, equipping trainees with skill development, enhancing knowledge and reinforcing positive attitude required to survive and adapt globally. It also adds to the personality growth and career prospects.


At MGM College we have a well established system of ensuring a smooth transition from the class room to the work place. Our system provides for students aspirations across various sectors of the industry. Here, students can confidently hope to enter the corporate world in sectors and positions in line with their capabilities. Environment of opportunities for the students is a result of a well structured interface with the corporate.


To enable the students to make the best of the opportunities we provide, students are put through rigorous corporate readiness programs which run concurrent to their academic programs. These comprise of Industry visits, mentorship activity, field research work, corporate interface and faculty monitored corporate internship programs.